Baye spent $1,700 to purchase a VIP “Diamond” ticket for perks including a special meet and greet with one group, an exclusive red carpet event and a designated floor section to watch performances.

A year after 'Crazy Rich Asians', Awkwafina is starring in another film featuring an all Asian cast: 'The Farewell' directed by Lulu Wang. Ahead of the movie's release, TIME sits down with Awkwafina and Lulu Wang to discuss Asian representation and where it is headed.

From a food truck peddling Hawaiian-Korean fusion dishes in Seattle to an underground Japanese speakeasy in D.C. to a Korean barbecue restaurant that focuses on home cooking in New York City, one ingredient is surprisingly constant: Spam.

'It will be too late for my generation.' meet the teens who organized a massive climate change protest.

Campaigns rely on young volunteers to do the legwork needed just before the election. But the candidates they are working for are often much older. That’s not the case in Will Haskell’s campaign, which won a bid to unseat veteran Republican state Sen. Toni Boucher on Tuesday.

Gaza is once again at the center of violent clashes. Here's how the territory became so conflicted.

President Trump often brags that he's the most successful President in modern history. His detractors, however, argue that he doesn't yet have much to show for his first year in office. The truth lies somewhere in the middle.

President Donald Trump announced in a series of tweets on Wednesday that the government will not allow transgender people to serve in the U.S. military. The move represents Trump's latest flip-flop on his stance on LGBTQ rights.

Donald Trump shocked the world - and even some of his own campaign staffers - one year ago when he defeated Hillary Clinton to become the 45th president of the United States. The 12 months since then have been tumultuous, as Trump has shaken up Washington politics by breaking long-held norms, dramatically reversing Obama-era policies and making rookie political mistakes that turn into cable news drama.

A group of seniors gathers monthly to tinker with their Ford Model A collection, with a mission to bring the cars back on the road in and beyond Columbus. With the youngest member, Jason Conry, 30, joining the club two months ago, the senior members hope to pass on their knowledge and love for Model A.

Sideline Superstars: Harris County High revives the Noise Boys tradition

This football season, Harris County High students bring back the school's Noise Boys tradition after three years of suspension. The Noise Boys are known for painting their entire upper bodies and cheering crowds at football games. Meet the ten Noise Boys who come together and take on the mission.

Sideline Superstars: Aaliyah Redding brings cheers to games in a wheelchair

Aaliyah Redding, a ninth-grader at Shaw High School, said she has loved cheerleading since she was little. Despite her disability, she wants to prove that she can cheer as others do. She has passed every tryout since sixth grade, and now she is a cheerleader at Shaw. Her teammates say that Redding brings positive energy and new moves. Her coach, Katrina Shingles, jokes that Redding is the “team bully" since she leads the team and keeps everyone in line.
Each year, around 760,000 people are released from prison in the United States, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics. Ralphy Dominguez, 30 years old, a young entrepreneur from the Bronx, is one of them. Dominguez, who left prison in 2012, has been running his business Pen & Pistol, a start up selling handmade wallets, belts and tote bags, for a year and a half.

Video by Ang Li and Kyra Gurney

At seven years old, Bronx native Devin Trey Campbell is juggling a schedule that would overwhelm most adults. Devin goes to school, takes jazz and ballet classes, and plays the role of “Young Lola” in the Broadway musical “Kinky Boots.” To make sure he stays on track, Devin often has to do homework in his dressing room during breaks from the show. But for Devin performing on Broadway is a dream come true.